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StandardFree Stats

Top 1000+ Rankings
in 155 Countries
Unlimited Apps
Daily Rankings
Chart History
1 Month
App Store Reviews


Pro Developer Stats

Up to 1000+ Rankings
in 155 Countries
Unlimited Apps
Hourly Rankings
last 24 Hours
Chart History
6 Months
App Store Reviews
+ Translations
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1 Euro / Month / App

Custom Data request Special Reports

Up to 1000+ Rankings
in 155 Countries
Hourly Rankings
iPhone 7 Years
iPad since start
Mac Store since start
Apple TV since start
99.5% Data Accuracy

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How does APPlyzer Standard work?

The APPlyzer Standard Account is totally free and obtained with every registration. You get access to Top1000 daily ranks from all the App Stores worldwide.

You can track as much Apps as you want and get an in-depth look on the daily rankings ini the chart graph for the last 30 days. On top of that you can look into every Apps reviews in a clear summary page.

How does APPlyzer Pro work?

APPlyzers Pro Account is basically a very simple upgrading your most important Apps to Pro. You determine how many Apps you want to upgrade to Pro for a number of months you choose. Plain simple, no hidden costs and endless subscription model.

  • Top1000 iPhone/iPod and Top100 iPad rankings daily is for FREE
  • Pro: each app costs €1.00 Euro (approx. $1.30 USD) per month.
  • If you are no company then 19% DE=Germany VAT is added. Also if your are a company from the European Union and you have no value added tax identification number, or if you come from Germany then 19% DE=Germany VAT is added.

Grossing rankings: follow hourly Top1000 app store Grossing rankings for all countries for apps under
'Rankings -> Pro -> Current Grossing Rank' and 'Rankings -> Pro -> Last 24 Hours - Grossing'

You need custom data?

APPLyzer covers hourly rankings in every country for every device since 2009. If you are in need of accurate historical data or you want us to look into the worldwide performance of specific apps in the stores... contact us!

We deliver customized data packets to developers, agencies and companies that offer deep insights into the ranking history of your apps. Learn more about the factors that had impact on your app sales and understand the correlation of app marketing, app campaigning and your app store positions.