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Frequently Asked Questions

How does APPlyzer Standard work?

  • Once a day, around the time the sales reports are generated, APPlyzer collects the daily Top1000 ranks from all app stores around the world.

How does APPlyzer Pro work?

  • Every hour APPlyzer collects the Top1000 rankings from all app stores for your apps.
  • Grossing rankings: follow hourly Top1000 app store Grossing rankings for all countries for apps under
    'Rankings -> Pro -> Current Grossing Rank' and 'Rankings -> Pro -> Last 24 Hours - Grossing'

What does APPlyzer cost?

daily RankingsTop1000 iOS apps, Top200 Mac AppsTop1000 iOS apps, Top200 Mac Apps
daily Chartsyesyes
hourly Rankingsnoyes
translated Reviewsnoyes
Price per app
and month
(approx. $1.30 USD)
  • Top1000 iPhone/iPod and Top100 iPad rankings daily is for FREE
  • Pro: each app costs €1.00 Euro (approx. $1.30 USD) per month.
  • If you are no company then 19% DE=Germany VAT is added. Also if your are a company from the European Union and you have no value added tax identification number, or if you come from Germany then 19% DE=Germany VAT is added.
  • Payment via PayPal. If the language should not be correct on the PayPal site, then please visit the main site, login, stay logged in and then go back to APPlyzer and try pay again.
  • If the total amount is under €4.00 EUR then a handling fee of €0.75 EUR is charged.

How can I send a feedback?

  • Register for free on APPlyzer and select 'Feedback' from the main menu or send a email to feedback'at'

If you have a question or a idea, then send me a feedback.

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