Frequently asked questions about APPlyzer.

How does APPlyzer Free work?

APPlyzer Free comes with a simple and cost free registration. Authenticate via Email, login and access our App Store data. We provide rankings for:

  • Top1000+ iPhone and iPad
  • Top600 Google Play
  • Top300 AppleTV
  • Top300 Mac

Track as many apps as you want in your 'My Apps' dashboard. From there you can access daily app rankings, the rankings history of 30 days, five keywords per app and reviews.

Whenever you want to get deeper insights through hourly rankings, competitor keywords or the history graph for up to 6 or 12 months take a look at our Pro and Expert tier.

How does Pro work?

APPlyzers Pro works as an upgrade for the most relevant apps in your dashboard. Choose the apps you would like to upgrade to Pro, select the number of months and checkout via PayPal or Stripe.

Plain simple, no hidden costs and no auto-extending subscription models.

  • Pro: each app is €1.00 Euro per month.
  • If you are no company VAT is added. If your are a company from the European Union and you have no value added tax identification number, or if you come from Germany 19% DE=Germany VAT is added.
  • Hourly Rankings
  • 6 months chart history
  • 30 search keywords per app
  • App Store Reviews + Translations
  • Email Alerts

If you need more keywords and you have many apps to analyse, then use our Expert subscription with unlimited apps and 40 keywords per app.

How does Expert work?

APPLyzer Expert is our most powerful tier. It incorporates all the features of Free and Pro and add gives you additional insights and flexibility to your apps.

  • Unlimited apps
  • 12 months chart history
  • 100 search keywords per app
  • CSV export
  • Setup service

We recommend this tier to everyone who is activly working on improvements of app ranking positions through ASO or marketing campaigns and wants to obtain deep insights in the performance of apps in the app stores.

Do you provide custom data sets?

APPLyzer covers hourly rankings in every country, device and app store category since 2009. If you are in need of accurate historical data or you want us to look into the worldwide performance of specific apps in the stores - Get in contact with us!

We deliver customized data that gives deep insights into the ranking history of apps to developers, agencies and companies. Understand the factors that create impact on specific app sales and understand the correlation of app marketing, app store optimization and an apps app store performance.

Let us know how you need the data prepared wether it is hooked up via an API, as CSV file or as a PDF presentation.

How accurate are the rankings for apps and keywords?

Our data has an accuracy of 99.5%. We are the source for many companies who need App Store data and provide them with reliable data and without hickups.

Do you need the login of my iTunesConnect or Google account?

No, you can access all information and data we provide with a simple registration via E-Mail. We don't need any access to your login credentials.

Can I get notified when my apps rankings are going up?

Yes! Upgrade one app to Pro and APPlyzer adds Email & Slack notifications to your account. Pro apps can be set to receive hourly notifications, regular Free apps notify you daily.

Can I watch my competitors with APPlyzer?

Yes! We make no differentiation regarding apps. You can add every app to your dashboard.

How can I remove my account?

Contact us via E-Mail [email protected] and we will remove your account.